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From humble beginnings when CAFS first opened for business in 1994, two
decades on, we attribute our success to effective management,                   unsurpassed customer service, establishment of long-term client                relationship and always ensuring client satisfaction.                                  

We are a black owned multidisciplinary professional firm with diversified      expertise, experience, leadership and strategic business counsel                 capabilities, organised and structured to assist clients attain superior          delivery and gain competitive advantage.                                                 

To extend the frontiers of business and information technology consulting services, unravel value, led by example and stay ahead of competition.  

Our Values and Commitment
We seek to inspire faith, trust and transmit a sense of mission to everyone we come in contact with. We conduct ourselves in a way that makes our clients and partners proud to be associated with us. We seek to be leaders, listeners, integrators, problem solvers and above all, highly effective business advisors. We believe that every action we take and every word we speak should be directed at eliciting the best efforts of team members and create for colleagues and clients alike, a productive and collaborative work environment, that generates excellent results and build good will. We are committed to ensuring that in every engagement, we provide solutions that achieve extraordinary results, make our clients exemplary and stay ahead of competition. We adhere to the code of business ethics and moral values.


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