CAFS is a fully accredited Syspro partner since 1999, offering complete Syspro services.

Our services include project management, implementations, technical support, ad hoc support, remote user support and training. Our services extend to include development and customized reporting using Crystal, ODBC and SQL.

About Syspro

Syspro is a world-class business solution aimed at small to mid-size manufacturers and distributors. Syspro ERP is modular based with unparalleled strength in financials, distribution and manufacturing, which together form the powerful foundation essential for the strategic growth and flexibility of an enterprise wide solution.

In today’s highly competitive marketplace, businesses face substantial pressures to improve product and service delivery, as well as reduce operating costs, specifically in the areas of product development, inventory, material planning, production management, scheduling, sales and marketing.

To successfully compete, these same businesses need to leverage innovative technologies that can bring about the necessary product improvements and cost reductions, and to continue delivering top-quality customer service.

For more than 35 years, SYSPRO’s ERP technology has provided manufacturers and distributors with one flexible, easy-to-learn solution. The solution offers complete visibility and operational efficiency through a range of business tools that help run a business. SYSPRO takes pride in the fact that we are a technology partner to our customers, without losing sight of the importance of the personal relationship.

We are known for our dedication to both relationships and service. Today, SYSPRO is a globally-recognized ERP supplier with thousands of customers in more than 60 countries. SYSPRO has also been the recipient of several ‘Company of the Year’ honours and is recognized by Microsoft as an integral Microsoft Gold partner.

SYSPRO software combines a broad and powerful feature base of manufacturing, distribution and accounting functionality, simplicity of use, operational visibility, strong analytic and reporting capabilities, exceptional business process modelling and workflow management.  Users in a variety of industries report that the utilization of SYSPRO ERP software drives profit, builds lengthy rosters of satisfied customers and helps gain a competitive edge. 

SYSPRO remains an industry leader by listening to the needs of customers, anticipating industry and technology trends, and continuously evolving the software’s functionalities based upon these needs and trends. 

SYSPRO embraces a corporate philosophy that places the CUSTOMER at the forefront, viewing every customer as a ‘customer for life’.  This philosophy permeates the entire organization.

A critically important and holistic building block to achieving world-class software is the ability to leverage those best practices that are also the right practices based on market and industry needs. SYSPRO works closely with many of the world’s leading analyst firms and product area experts, vertical market specialists,

SYSPRO’s reliable and robust on-premise and cloud-based platforms integrate all functional areas within an organization, allowing the business focus to be on boosting productivity rather than maintaining software. 

SYSPRO offers manufacturers and distributors of all business models a complete range of technology solutions at a very reasonable and competitive cost point, while also supporting current trends like Lean and green manufacturing. Customers benefit by leveraging applications such as SYSPRO Espresso, a device agnostic mobile solution that gives the business user secure access to real-time data and transactions.  

SYSPRO is an ideal fit for both simple and complex mid-market businesses. SYSPRO’s global footprint enables multinational customers to use SYSPRO not only in the head office, but also in smaller divisions around the world, allowing the business and employees to operate as a cohesive unit.

Businesses today are more complex than ever, placing constant demand on technology to help them be agile and to perform at maximum efficiency. SYSPRO has the flexibility to meet these constantly changing economic and unpredictable business requirements by providing stability, innovation and right-time technology solutions.

Enhancements to the SYSPRO product are determined by a worldwide design committee that focuses on current users’ needs and identifies world trends to anticipate users’ aspirations and industry-specific requirements. Within SYSPRO we acknowledge the need for ‘openness’ to ensure operational solutions that successfully compete in today’s highly competitive environment. We therefore encourage our customers to participate in an immense global forum where everyone benefits from seeing the product continually evolve.

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